Who is behind ÉHONTÈ?

Who is behind ÉHONTÈ?

      Most people wonder who’s behind ÉHONTÈ. The answer to me is very simple, however no one knows who “me” is. I think it’s time to introduce myself not only for me to learn more about you but to also know who runs this show. My name is Sérgio; that’s right. I am the feminist man behind ÉHONTÈ.

     To some of you I am not the blonde beautiful model behind our Instagram posts. But at the same time I feel like I am. Not because I don’t identify as man, but who wishes they were someone else for a day?  I've decided to answer some questions I have been asked through out my entire journey so far!

Let's get started shall we?

“Where do you gather inspiration from?”

      There really ins't one specific source, but instead of looking at other brands I always gather inspiration for what's around me at the moment. I have always been obsessed with simple shapes and forms I remember in fashion school I was always designing with triangles.  I looks specially at furniture and architecture for my shoes, Right now I am looking at a vintage coffee table with a kidney shaped glass in my living room that I might incorporate into one of my designs. Almost like a Bauhaus approach to my design, form follows function, I was never keen over things that were over designed. I think it was Steve Jobs that said:

 "Focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

I truly believe in this approach to anything I apply to my work or even my personal life. How can I keep it simple yet interesting?


 “How was it like moving from Brazil to US?”

   Moving to another country was definitely a challenge, I didn’t speak any English. Neither did my mom and the challenge to understand another culture that you’re not used to it. To me the most difficult part is the feel of not being home yet. I haven’t found my home, it’s almost a scene from one of my favorite movies The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy turns to Toto and says “ Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.”  The only place I feel like I’m home is New York, it’s a feeling I’ve lived there before.

“Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?”

   Fashion has always been in my blood, I knew fashion was going to be part of my life long before I thought about. My grandfather was an established fashion designer back in Brazil, even though he died before I could meet him, I understood what fashion meant. I always thought it would be clothing not really shoes.

"What made you create ÉHONTÈ?”

 This brand was created out of my desire to make sure that a little part of my world would’ve been fair, simple and under control. A lot of things are out of control in our lives specially now being quarantined due to Covid-19. I’ve seen the world being unfair, hypocritical and downright mean. I want ÉHONTÈ to be the world  we thrive for, where we all feel beautiful, empowered. We don't get to feel like this on our daily lives and I've heard  many women and myself saying "this is so different, but I don't know if I can wear it." That's a paradigm I am trying to break not only for myself but for others also. I guess we can say this brand is my therapist and the expression behind is my therapy. It's about being shameless, signing in the rain. One big part as well is knowing the company behind takes care of not only whoever shops but also who’s behind all the moving parts to make this happen. We pride ourselves on the craft specially hand craftsmanship, our shoes takes time, we a slow fashion brand and what I like to call it a ASAP brand "As Sustainable As Possible."

"Why you decided to create shoes and not clothing?”

    The muse behind this brand is my mom. I grew up along with my sister with a single mother that did everything she could to provide us with was best from her. Including moving all us to a different country to give her what she had the best to offer. Naturally all of my moms friends were also women,  I grew up seeing all these strong women working together to raise their children and all of their own sacrifices endured to provide their best. My mom always had an extensive collection of shoes and many of them I was helping her choose, I could immediately tell which shoes she would pick by how her emotions changed when trying them on. I believe shoes gives women power, it makes them stand tall, it changes their demeanor and provided almost like an “amour” ready for battle. The same way I was part of my moms experience I wanted to provide the same for every women I encounter and how much they should know how empowered they are to do whatever it is they want. 

I think that sums up a lot of the questions I have been asked over and over again. If you there anything else you'd like to know about me please don't hesitate to ask!  This will be an ever evolving post.

To be continued... 


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